Quality from farm to shop with Cherkizovo!

As part of working on the product catalog of chilled ready-to-cook products from the Cherkizovo brand, Launch Agency developed the concept and design using large colorful images of ready meals, detailing the recipe and ingredients required to cook them.

We also held a photo shoot specifically for the catalog and created some recipes.

The current product range of Cherkizovo is fully and colorfully represented in the catalog to build supply in the fast-growing segment of chilled ready-to-cook products among distributors.

The catalog is laid out in magazine style. To present products we selected large images with short texts, detailing required characteristics for supplying the product to retail. A well-thought concept and designer solutions helped to get across the information about high quality of the products, as well as the ease and pleasure of preparing meals using chilled ready-to-cook products.

This catalog used the brand's slogan for the first time: "Quality from farm to shop"