Nutella® 50 years filled with stories!

Launch Group agency won a tender for running a promotion devoted to the 50-year anniversary of the Nutella® brand.

Idea: These were 50 years with you. 50 years filled with stories, big and small. And we would like to read them. To make this occasion really special, we ask you to share your most memorable moments associated with Nutella®. You gather around the table for breakfast early mornings, celebrate birthdays with friends, host special occasions... All of us have bright moments with Nutella.

For 3 months participants uploaded their photos, videos or texts at to gather likes. Every two weeks we identified our winners who received prizes: a waffle maker, a sweatshirt, a picnic blanket or a flash drive! The main prize was a trip to Italy for 3 lucky winners who made the global Top 10 of each month.

The agency's services included website design, development and moderation, prize manufacturing and logistics, banner design and development as well as production of a video about celebrating Nutella's anniversary all over the world.